Medium-sized cottage (Hamanasu)

Medium-sized cottage (Hamanasu)


It was remodeled cleanly in May 2018.

◆ Price (one night)

¥ 20,000 (tax included)

Please note that this charge will be applied throughout the year from January 1, 2021. (It will be ¥ 15.000 until December 2020)


In addition to the above, an elementary school student or older will need to pay 600 yen per person and a car fee.


Check-in from 13:30 to 17:00
Check-out until 11:00 the next day


◆ Floor plan: 12 tatami mats
◆ Maximum number of people available: 7-9 people
◆ Room specifications: 12 tatami mats, kitchenette & dining
◆ Equipment: Air conditioner, LCD TV compatible with terrestrial digital broadcasting, refrigerator, cooker, table seat
◆ Bedding is not included.

◆ The campsite is open all season, but will be closed from December 30th to January 3rd.


Exterior / interior photo


Medium-sized cottage Hamanasu 1 building (12 tatami mats + kitchen kitchen 7-9 people)


Medium-sized cottage Hamanasu


12 tatami mats with TV and air conditioner



Kitchen & Kitchen (IH only)


Kitchen table